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Holiday Throwdown WOD #4:

Last hint: Holiday Throwdown WOD #4

Just like last year, the fourth and final WOD of the competition will be a COMPLETE surprise on competition day (announced after the first three workouts have been performed). 😁😁😁

 Holiday Throwdown WOD #3:

 Holiday Throwdown WOD #2:

 Holiday Throwdown WOD #1:

Get excited folks!

Stay tuned throughout the day for hints about tomorrow’s Holiday Throwdown WOD events! 💪🎄💪



Hints for each workout will be dropped at the below times:

  • WOD #1 @ 10:00am
  • WOD #2 @ 12pm
  • WOD #3 @ 2pm
  • WOD #4 @ 4pm

Check out December’s CrossFit Foundations schedule! Foundations classes take place every Wednesday and Friday @ 6:00 pm. These classes are a great way for both beginners to learn the basics and for the seasoned CrossFitter to help refresh and perfect their skills!

And remember: these classes come free with any CrossFit Rosslyn *month-to-month or *6-month term membership. They will not go against your class count! This makes it even easier to keep our athlete’s skills consistent and safe.

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Today’s WOD

  • Friday, 12/15/17

    WOD Romanian Deadlifts – 3×8 (Same Weight for all 3 sets) 12 Minute EMOM: 6 Thrusters (Rx:95#/65#, L2:80#/55#, L3:65#/45#) Abmat Sit-ups for the remainder of the minute (Score = # of Sit-ups)
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