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Ladies and Gents! Come out and cheer for everyone participating in the Games Workout 13.2.  We’ll be starting at 1pm.

Check out our Crossfit Rosslyn Team Page.


Hi guys, Michael here. After watching some of our athletes this morning doing the 13.2 Workout I was thinking, “Maybe box step-up would be a way to go to save energy and still go as fast as box jumps.”

I tried it but It didn’t work for me. 15 box step-ups (100% effort) takes me roughly about 10 seconds longer than 15 box jumps (at a controlled not 100% effort). I also felt I was using more energy doing step-ups since the 24″ box was too high for me to cycle through quickly. Trying to step-up quickly today, I fell about three times.

With that said, if you are taller (or your height to box height ratio is better) and if you hate box jumps, step up may still be a good way to go when you find yourself too tired to continue with box jumps.

Here is an excellent vid to watch for this WOD. Kelly Starret has some great pointers on Deadlift and box jump efficiency. The key is to find a efficient form and pace that you can sustain for 10min.  You will want to minimize excess horizontal/lateral movement for all three exercises.

Shoulders to Overhead: as you get more tired, avoid getting too much on your toes and start throwing weight forward. It’s okay to push off of your toes (which may cause you to jump forward at times), but get back on your heels for a good shoulder extension and a brief moment of “rest” at the top.

Deadlift: K-Star talks about this in the video. Avoid high hips which will cause more fatigue in the long run for this particular workout.

Box Jump: Rest at the top of the box. Quick bounce at the bottom. Land a little wider like a squat stance at the top. K-Star and Carl have many great tips on box jumps in the vid.


I found this page of handstand training tips, written for an audience of gymnastics coaches.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t benefit as well.  Read more and adding your thoughts in the comments.


One of the videos from the post:

For everyone who attended the potluck on Saturday:

If you have pictures that you’d like to post, please send them to webteam at vervehealthandfitness.com by 12pm Thursday, January 24, 2013.

Include with every photo:

  • A clear label/filename for the photo.
  • Names of the people in the photos (First name, last initial)
  • Your name (so that you can be credited).

I’ll post the best photos – it’s TBD whether that means 2 or 20.  No photo will go up without a caption and a credit.  Any that are blurry, low-quality or inappropriate for the CrossFit Rosslyn brand will not be posted.  You’ll need to check the site when the post goes up to see whether your photo was selected, as no notice will be sent to you if your photo is selected/not selected.


(BTW – If you do not want your image to appear with the photos posted, send an email to the address above within 1 week the post going live and we’ll address each case individually.)

On Saturday 1/19 at 3pm, we will be having a potluck dinner at our gym for all members, friends and family.

If you’re wondering about the etiquette for a potluck, check out this post from LA Weekly that has some good rules including:

  1. Bring a dish.

This will be an event where adult beverages are consumed, so if you do choose to bring some too, please check out rule #2.

To make things easy on everyone, how about we also follow the guideline that:

  • If your first name begins with A-M, bring a main dish
  • If your first name begins with N-Z, bring a side.
  • If your name is Chris Maski, you do not need to hunt & butcher the meat yourself, but we will not stop you if you do

We do NOT have any rules about paleo meals, but it would be awesome to see you bring one.  If you have any recommendations for websites to check out for recipes that specialize in paleo, add them to the comments below.


There is a video via CrossFit’s main site that goes through the 1/11 WOD in nice detail.

This workout is going to give you some gymnastics and strength training, and work on tone in your lats, rhomboids, rotator cuffs and the Georg and Yortuk Festrunk of the back and shoulders: the infraspinatus and supraspinatus. [Huh?]  Even if you don’t like going upside down, this can help with some of your heavy pull on the deadlift and snatch, give you more stability for front squats and probably help you on thirty other things.

Is this really two consecutive posts with Dan Aykroyd references?

Yes, this is two consecutive posts with Dan Aykroyd references? #myjokesaredated

Watch the video and leave your comments below.

Click here to see the WOD.

– Feener

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Today’s WOD

  • Friday, 12/15/17

    WOD Romanian Deadlifts – 3×8 (Same Weight for all 3 sets) 12 Minute EMOM: 6 Thrusters (Rx:95#/65#, L2:80#/55#, L3:65#/45#) Abmat Sit-ups for the remainder of the minute (Score = # of Sit-ups)
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