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A completely full yoga class on Saturday spilled from the group fitness room into the CrossFit room.

Sign up for the Feb 10 next Saturday class using the link at the right.


2-1-2013 11-09-16 AMNow that we have a new comments section on the site, you have the ability to add a profile photo to your comments. Since it’s not always clear which Brian is commenting (because there’s about 5 of us that come on a regular basis), I added my face to the system and you should too.

This is the official call out to EVERYONE to add a headshot for our comments system.

To add your photo:

  • Sign up for Gravatar
  • Find a photo and add it by URL or via upload.
  • Crop it if necessary.
  • Sit back and enjoy.

This process is REALLY easy and there’s no reason we should have Gravatar’s “g” logo next to everyone’s name.


Also, this is a reminder that you can comment on ANY post that we put onto the site. Your feedback is important and the trainers love to hear it so that we’re giving you the experience that you want. Plus, there’s evidence that coping with traumatic events like Fran in a group setting makes things easier.

(Edit: All of my old posts are still showing my old “adidas” headshot. I’m both aware and frustrated… Fixed. /Feener)

If you use Foursquare, you can now check in and earn points or badges or gold rings or whatever you get when you check into places.

Crossfit Rosslyn on Foursquare


Starting today, links to all of our posts will be sent to our Twitter account @CrossfitRosslyn.  It will mostly be robot-auto-posts but we are paying attention to the if you have any @-replies that you want to send us.


On Monday 1/21/2013, – Martin Luther King and Inauguration Day –  we will have abbreviated hours at Verve H&F, but all CrossFit classes will be held as scheduled.

  • 6:45a – 7:45a
  • 12p – 1p
  • 5:30p – 6:30p
  • 6:30p – 7:30p

Don’t forget to sign up to reserve your spot in class.

If you haven’t been by the box in a while, you need to check out our new scoreboard.  This is where we’ll keep a proud, public record of the best times, lifts and workouts in our gym.

Today will be our first WOD for the big board, Annie.

A couple of guidelines for the board:

  • All scores have to be verified by a Verve/CrossFit Rosslyn trainer.
  • Workouts must be performed as prescribed (Rx).
  • You must be a CrossFit Rosslyn member to be eligible for the board.
  • Your heaviest lifts for back squat, deadlift, snatch , etc. are calculated on “1 Rep Max” days.
  • Please don’t write on the board. (We’ll take care of it for you!)

Check out our new Comments tool below and let us know what you think.

(…and remember to sign up for class via MINDBODY. Bookmark it!)


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Today’s WOD

  • Saturday, 10/21/17

    Partner WOD Saturday! One teammate working at a time. Switch turns however you like! 18 Minute AMRAP of 4 Handstand Push-ups (L2: w/pad, L3: 4 Seated DB Presses) 6 Toes-to-Bar (L2: K2E, L3: Knee Raises) 8 Jump Squats 200 Meter Run (together)
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