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If you haven’t been by the box in a while, you need to check out our new scoreboard.  This is where we’ll keep a proud, public record of the best times, lifts and workouts in our gym.

Today will be our first WOD for the big board, Annie.

A couple of guidelines for the board:

  • All scores have to be verified by a Verve/CrossFit Rosslyn trainer.
  • Workouts must be performed as prescribed (Rx).
  • You must be a CrossFit Rosslyn member to be eligible for the board.
  • Your heaviest lifts for back squat, deadlift, snatch , etc. are calculated on “1 Rep Max” days.
  • Please don’t write on the board. (We’ll take care of it for you!)

Check out our new Comments tool below and let us know what you think.

(…and remember to sign up for class via MINDBODY. Bookmark it!)


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Today’s WOD

  • Wednesday, 11/22/17

    WOD 5 RFT of 400 Meter Run 7 Deadlifts (Rx: Body Weight, L2: 80% Body Weight, L3: 60% Body Weight)
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