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Client Spotlight April 2017: Alejandra Velilla!

Client Spotlight April 2017: Alejandra Velilla!

At Verve and CrossFit Rosslyn, we know that getting fit takes some serious hard work. It takes a certain mindset to make it through a tough workout while motivating yourself and others along the way. We like to recognize those who not only show growth and determination within our programming, but also inspires others to be their best!

Congrats to our client spotlight for April, Alejandra Velilla! Since Alejandra joined the CrossFit Rosslyn family, she’s progressed in her fitness in major ways. She’s very consistent when it comes to working on the various skills of CrossFit and mobility before and after class time. Though she takes her fitness seriously, she always makes sure to have fun when working out (even when there’s burpees involved!). You can also find her hanging out and competing at our special weekend events! Read her story below!

Please introduce yourself and what brought you to Verve Health & Fitness/CrossFit Rosslyn.
I first started doing CrossFit in Cartagena, Colombia and really loved it. When I moved to the area I did some research to find the perfect place for me and found CROSSFIT ROSSLYN!! (Best decision ever).

Prior to working out at Verve/CFR, what was your fitness/athletic background?
I have always been pretty active, did some rollerskating, running and regular gym routines, but I really reached my peak with Crossfit.

What was your initial impression after your first training session/group class at Verve/CFR?
I was very impressed from the very beginning with the atmosphere at CFR. Not only were they welcoming but also because the coaches were very attentive and supportive with each WOD. I also like that classes are small.

What was your biggest challenge with starting your fitness regimen at Verve/CFR?
My biggest challenge was getting used to the technique of some of the movements.

Please share with us some of your proudest fitness accomplishments.
One of my proudest fitness accomplishments is being able to do double-unders. Thanks to Brittany for being so patient and giving me the best tips!!

What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?
My favorite exercises are double-unders, cleans and wall balls. My least favorite exercises are burpees and pull ups.

Outside of working with the Verve/CFR trainers, what’s the biggest difference that you’ve noticed in your day-to-day life?
The biggest difference I’ve noticed is having more energy during the day and also having my friends ask me to do heavy lifting “because I do crossfit”.

What are your future fitness goals?
I want to be able to do pull-ups, push-ups and rope climbing.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their fitness journey?
Your body is ALWAYS going to be sore. It never goes away. Embrace it.

Share something random about yourself!
My friends say I’m a really good dancer! :)

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