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Partner WOD Saturday, 6/17/17

Partner WOD Saturday, 6/17/17

Partner WOD Saturday!

20 Minute AMRAP of

*Partner A does a 100 Meter Farmer’s Carry with 1 DB (30#/20#)
(50 meters right hand,  50 meters left hand 100 M total)
*Partner A hands off DB to Partner B
(the DB must not touch the ground; if the DB touches the ground both partners must  perform 5 burpees)
*Partner B must perform 1 round of
  • 5 One Arm DB Overhead Squats on Right Arm (30#/20#)
  • 5 One Arm DB Overhead Squats on Left Arm
  • 10 Alt DB Snatch (Snatches may touch ground here, but if longer then 3 seconds you must both do 5 burpees )
  • 15 Sit-ups with DB on chest
While 1 partner is moving, the other partner must be resting.  You can break it up any way you choose!
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