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On March 28th, we’ll be kicking off our ‘21 Day Spring Core Challenge!‘ Along with every WOD (Workout of the Day) posted, there will be an extra Core Challenge WOD to tackle! Think of it as a fun ‘exit fee‘ after your workout! These special workouts are programmed by our PT and CrossFit Coach, Anson Paul.

To accept this challenge, join the 21 Day Spring Core Challenge Facebook  event page, sign up at our front desk, or give us a call at 703.465.8129! To track your progress with your fellow members, post your updates every day on the Facebook event page.

Everyone is invited to do these workouts! All core challenges will be posted here at www.crossfitrosslyn.com in the ‘blog’ section and also on our CrossFit Rosslyn Facebook Page.

It’s the perfect way to start off the Spring season!


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Today’s WOD

  • Saturday, 10/21/17

    Partner WOD Saturday! One teammate working at a time. Switch turns however you like! 18 Minute AMRAP of 4 Handstand Push-ups (L2: w/pad, L3: 4 Seated DB Presses) 6 Toes-to-Bar (L2: K2E, L3: Knee Raises) 8 Jump Squats 200 Meter Run (together)
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