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Holiday Throwdown WOD #4:

Last hint: Holiday Throwdown WOD #4

Just like last year, the fourth and final WOD of the competition will be a COMPLETE surprise on competition day (announced after the first three workouts have been performed). 😁😁😁

 Holiday Throwdown WOD #3:

 Holiday Throwdown WOD #2:

 Holiday Throwdown WOD #1:

Get excited folks!

Stay tuned throughout the day for hints about tomorrow’s Holiday Throwdown WOD events! 💪🎄💪



Hints for each workout will be dropped at the below times:

  • WOD #1 @ 10:00am
  • WOD #2 @ 12pm
  • WOD #3 @ 2pm
  • WOD #4 @ 4pm

Holiday Throwdown WOD #3:

9-7-5 of

  • Synchro Shoulder-to-Overhead (75#/45#)
  • Synchro Front Rack Lunges (75#/45#)*

*Lunges are counted as 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc.

Details for this workout will be explained in more detail prior to the WOD start time.

The FINAL Throwdown WOD will be announced on the day of the competition after all other workouts are performed.

If you are not RSVP’d to compete, come down to spectate and to join in on the potluck!


Today’s WOD

  • Partner WOD Saturday! // 1/20/18

    *Partner WOD* 30 Minute AMRAP: Partner 1 – Row 500m Partner 2 – AMRAP of: 5 Pull-ups (L2/L3: Banded Pull-ups) 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats *Switch after Partner 1 completes 500m Row* Score = Total rounds Partner 2 completes
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