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Wedneday, 4/15/15




“Isabel” – Whiteboard WOD

30 Snatches for time (Rx: 135#/95#, L2: 115#/75#, L3: 95#/65#, L4: 75#/45#)


Core Challenge WOD Day 19

8 min AMRAP (with 14 reps of each movement)

Side plank with rotation (on your elbow, rotating opposite arm underneath the body.)
Bird dogs
Starfish jumps

Side plank rotation with dumbbells
Bird dogs
Starfish jumps

Side plank rotation (no dumbbells)
Bird dogs
Starfish jumps

Side plank rotation on knee
Bird dog
Starfish jumps


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Today’s WOD

  • Wednesday, 6/28/17

    WOD Push Press 1-1-1-1-1-1 then 1+ at 60% of last set of 1 *+ = max reps that you can manage with that weight. (Leave one or two in the chamber. Not until failure!) “Diane” 21-15-9 reps for time Deadlift (Rx:225#/155#, L2:185#/135#, L3: 135#/95#) Handstand Push-Ups (L2: w/pad, L3: DB Strict Press)
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