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Workout of the Day

  • Saturday, 11/29/14

    Skill: DB Hang Clean & Jerk WOD: For time, 50 DB Hang Clean & Jerk (Rx: 45#/30#, L2: 30#/20#, L3: 20#/10#) EMOM 5 burpees (L2/L3: 3 burpees) Performance WOD 20 Minute AMRAP of Muscle ups with a 6 round buy-in of: 12 Shoulder to Overhead (155#) and 50 DUs.

  • Friday, 11/28/14

    Skill Deadlift WOD 15min to establish 1Rep max of Deadlift   20 min AMRAP of: 21 Abmat Sit-ups 15 push ups (L2/L3: knee push ups) – Chest has to hit the floor on all push-ups 9 Burpees over the bar 3 Deadlift (75% of your 1 rep max) Performance WOD 20 Minute AMRAP of Muscle […]

  • Thursday, 11/27/14

    Happy Thanksgiving!  (Only 8am class today, and no 6am class on Friday) WOD For time: 100 burpee pull ups (L2: use one or two 45# plates, L3: use a box)100 OH Squats (Rx: 75#/45#, L2: 65#/35#, L3: 45#/15#)100 KB swings EMOM (1pood/0.5pood) Performance WOD 20 Minute AMRAP of Muscle ups with a 6 round buy-in […]